Omaha artist Travis Apel has a vision to translate the anatomy of nature through metal and stone sculpture for the purpose of expanding a cumulative, thought-provoking culture.  

Apel is a 1994 Missouri Silver Scholarship recipient from Kansas City Art Institute, and was honored through Omaha Creative Institute and Mid-America Arts Alliance for professional development and to present as a 2014 Artist INC Fellow, and he was selected for a Friends of UNO Artslam+ presentation in 2015.  Apel has concentrated work through artist residencies at BarkerArt Hot Shops Art Center in 2005, Kimmel Harding Nelson Arts Center in 2016, and El Museo Latino in 2017.

He has exhibited throughout the midwest, New England, and has collections nationally.


If you enjoy viewing my work and want to talk about commissioning a project that you envision, or for other questions and inquiries, please contact me and we can schedule a discussion.  I'd love to work with you.